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Our Founders

UnitedCure was founded by seasoned professionals from two previous non-profit Cancer Organizations , that have both survived Cancer. They're appreciative of the past research in the fight against Cancer, but frustrated by the lack of progress. The aim is to break the boundaries of established research and forge a new path into cures for Cancer. United Cure is kicking off in 2016.You can help us get the message out by uniting with us through form below and supporting our ground breaking research for the cure.

Eric M. Grund, Ph.D


Cancer Survivor, Leading Scientist, and Founder of Scientific and Medical Coalition Against Cancer


Dr. Grund has over 20 years of R&D experience in both start-up venture and major BioPharma including Berg, EMD-Serono, and Biogen. As Director of Integrative Biointelligence at Berg he is currently leading project management of the Biosystems Division. Berg engages Systems Biology, MultiOmics, and advanced Bioinformatics in its drug and diagnostics discovery platform, Interrogative Biology. At Biogen, he was responsible for SAR and MOA studies on small molecule kinase inhibitors within Discovery Oncology.

Daniel A. Olsen


Cancer Survivor, MEd in Non Profit Development, Founder of Christopher's Haven, and Film and Television Actor

Christophers Haven

Dan Olsen has been focused almost full-time on philanthropy for the past nine years, participating and organizing hundreds of events and activities dedicated to raising awareness and funding for Christopher’s Haven. In 2009, Olsen received the prestigious 100 Award presented by MGH honoring 100 groups and individuals who are making a difference in cancer care.Dan has also raised over $6 million dollars for cancer treatment services and foundation research.

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